About Us
Jim and Gayle have been married for 35 years and have 5 children. Together, we started Simple Country Furniture in 1998. Simple Country Furniture, LLC is based out of southeastern Pennsylvania and is a small wholesale manufacturer of quality, hand crafted furniture. Simple Country Furniture is sold in retail stores throughout the eastern U.S.

About Our Furniture
Our furniture is made from reclaimed lumber. The lumber ranges from 80 to 200 years old. Each piece is hand crafted and hand finished individually. Every piece of furniture is different and unique because no piece of aged lumber looks like any other. Natural imperfections such as cracks, worm holes, nail holes, and warps have been intentionally left untouched to capture the beauty, charm, and patina of the reclaimed wood. The wood may vary in color as the reclaimed lumber comes from different parts of the country and has varying ages; the older the wood, the darker it will appear.

Our Commitment
We are committed to customer satisfaction and producing a quality product to last a lifetime.

Our Customers
As a manufacturer of handmade wooden furniture, we only sell to dealers (e.g. furniture stores, retail outlets, etc.). If you are a fine quality furniture reseller desiring to access our wholesale price list, please contact us, and we will provide you with login information for this site as well as a parallel, non branded site which can be used to display our pieces to your clients.

Our trucks deliver our furniture to retail stores throughout the eastern United States. Please contact us for more information regarding furniture delivery.